Leo A. Giacometto


Leo A. Giacometto has an extensive background in political, military, private and public sector service with a wide-range of applicable experience in the areas of consulting, advising, founding, strategic building, operating and managing private sector companies.

Mr. Giacometto has previously served in all branches of the U. S. Government – the Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches. He has overseen large government agencies and directed the operations of Congressional and Gubernatorial offices in both an official and political capacity. He served as a Justice of the Peace for Carter County Montana, was elected twice to the Montana State Legislature, and appointed by President George H.W. Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as a United States Marshall.  Mr. Giacometto served in the Cabinet for Governor Marc Racicot as Montana’s Director of Agriculture and in the Cabinet for Governor Judy Martz as a member of the Northwest Power Planning Council and as the Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, the past Chairman of the Senate Telecommunications, the Interior Appropriations and Military Construction Subcommittees.

Mr. Giacometto currently serves as one of Mongolia’s Honorary Consuls to the United States.

In addition to his role within the Amsterdam Group Team, in the private sector, Mr. Giacometto concurrently serves in key positions for elite corporations:

– Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors for AVC Global, an innovative technology company that is developing a Blockchain-based supply chain management platform. The AVC platform is designed to track, analyze and manage the flow of goods, money and data at unprecedented levels, creating powerful transformational value chains for both upstream and downstream members of the AVC Platform.

– Senior Advisor to G2 Analytics, an advanced public opinion research firm that enables audience engagement of video content and allows audiences of any size to actively participate in Focus Groups in the Cloud events through any web-enabled device.

– Founding Team Member of Oolalla, a disruptive streaming entertainment service that provides users with free on-demand content and personalized advertising. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology Oolalla solves the problem of regional and hyperlocal content feeding to users while also solving the problem for advertisers to help them increase their conversion through targeted advertisements. It provides additional revenue to content providers and producers while truly safe guarding their products with state-of-the-art DRM on a Blockchain platform.

– Regional Director for the Riyada Group, a Bahrain-based group of companies that serves a customer base of over 400 companies in 33 countries including USA, England, Turkey, India, South Korea and China. Riyada Group’s key areas of business include: construction, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications, manufacturing, alternative energy, and finance and investment activities.
Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of GN Beverages, the exclusive Pepsi bottling and distribution franchise in Mongolia.

– Member of the Board of Directors of Gemnet, a Eurasian telecommunications company based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia that provides the wholesale internet services in Mongolia and long-haul dark fiber routes from Europe to Asia.

Mr. Giacometto has served as an advisor to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and several start-ups and was also the co-Founder of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia, a former Director of the Tri-State Farmers and Ranchers Cooperative in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, served as the Vice President of Government Affairs of Morrison Knudsen, and as an Executive for Washington Group International, both some of the largest international engineering and construction companies in the world.

Mr. Giacometto served 23 years in the United States Army, Army Guard and Reserves, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He was stationed in Panama as a member of the U.S. Army’s equivalent to a SWAT Team and following Officer Candidate School, served as a US Army Reservist in the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau, where he was deployed around the world.

He is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police Academy, Airborne School, Jungle Warfare School, Open Water Scuba Course, US Army Armor Basic and Advance Courses, US Army Command and General Staff College just to name a few and is an honor graduate of the Montana Military Academy. Giacometto owns a seven-generation ranch on the banks of the Little Missouri River in Alzada, Montana.

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