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Founded in 2006, Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. was established to strike a delicate balance between contemporary world-wide-web branding and cutting-edge, next generation social media engagement with the established and highly accredited practice of media relations and traditional thought leadership promotion.

We secure bold positioning around the world, crafting an indelible imprint with prominent audiences for our clientele, which include and have included Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s “Georgian Dream” campaign, former YUKOS head Mikhail Khordorkovsky, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai, former Nigerian Governor and oil shipping magnate Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, the Arcadia Foundation, MYUTIQ, First International Bank, Families USA, Zimbabwean Sport and Education Minister David Coltart, and a range of other government officials and agencies.

Our practice carries weight at the highest levels of international governance. We have developed a unique reputation and subsequently, sterling relationships with the influencers of today that have enabled our company to work collaboratively with our clients well beyond the preset terms of any consultancy agreement.

Amsterdam Group boasts an unprecedented practice. Whereas most industry majors prioritize seeking new business over servicing clients, Amsterdam Group places a value on service.

Our team has further spoken around the world on the value of social media engagement and citizen journalism, ensuring concurrently that our clients regularly have the world-wide-web in focus while their voices resonate in established media outlets, such as the New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Sky News, the BBC, and the Economist.

Our public relations firm has a broad history of cooperation in Europe, North America, Eurasia, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Our value-focused Social Media Public Relations approach leverages existing contacts throughout these regions while forging and cultivating new relationships with reporters, editors, think tank senior fellows, and policy makers on behalf of a clientele we are proud to consider an integral part of our team and its thought stewardship.

OUR Team

Founder & Managing Partner  

Samuel Amsterdam is an advanced advocacy and strategic media engagement professional with
corporate and political council experience in London, Brussels, Washington, D.C., and Toronto. He worked previously in the private sector in public relations and corporate and media relations.

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Greg Alan Caires

Greg has more than 15 years’ experience in journalism, thought leadership, corporate communications and military public affairs that he brings to help clients attract talent, grow their business or protect their reputations as a Consultant with Amsterdam Group.

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Kalu-Kalu Ugwuomo Jr.
Business Development Services Consultant

alu-Kalu Ugwuomo Jr. is an Amsterdam Group Public Relations CSR and Sustainable Business Development Services Consultant and founder / North American Director of Nexus Africa a global network of African philanthropists. Nexus Africa forms a strategic facet of the NexGen philanthropy network, Nexus Global. He is also a co-founder and an original member of the Hip Hop Caucus, a US national non-profit organization that aims to foster civic engagement among young people of color on various issues.

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Mark Cowan
Potomac International

Mark Cowan draws on more than 35 years’ experience working on complex domestic and international public policy issues as counsel for a broad range of clients. He advises corporations, government entities, and foreign sovereigns on a wide array of business, regulatory, and trade issues.

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Phil Armstrong
Potomac International

Through out a diverse career in public affairs, corporate communications, and advertising, Phil has earned a national reputation as a counselor and strategist on reputation and issue management, brand strategy, crisis communications and political advocacy.

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Mattie Amagai
Potomac International

Amagai has three core responsibilities – managing client accounts, ensuring that we deliver on what we have promised to our clients and tracking that progress; research – overseeing the research team and preparing necessary background information, whether for a client, business development or a specific project; and proposal development – assembling proposals for new clients and projects. Amagai also manages junior level staff that fall under her purview.

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