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Founded in 2006, Amsterdam Group Public Relations Inc. was established to strike a delicate balance between contemporary world-wide-web branding and cutting-edge, next generation social media engagement with the established and highly accredited practice of media relations and traditional thought leadership promotion. We secure bold positioning around the world, crafting an indelible imprint with prominent audiences for our clientele.

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Afrikea: Communications Experts Converge To Explore Africa’s Next Frontier Of Opportunities
August 5, 2016

Afrikea, founded by Sam Amsterdam, James Kimer, and Richard Elsen, brings together comprehensive understanding of the political economies of nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and others, allowing foreign and indigenous entities alike to maximize... Continure reading

As the elephant rises: Rule-of-law as tourism & investment incentive in reinvented Africa
August 17, 2016

South African playwright Athol Fugard once stated that when the Rainbow Nation went through its extraordinary emergence from Apartheid, it was like having spent a lifetime in a boxing ring with an opponent and suddenly finding yourself in that ring... Continure reading